Motivation and Empowerment Essay

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Motivation and Empowerment Paper Compare motivation and empowerment
According to the reading motivation is the intensity of a person’s desire to engage in some activity. The motivation process is said to consist of six steps which are said to get one motivated, they are: an unsatisfied need, tension, drive, search behavior, satisfied need, and reduction of tension. Motivation is important to have in the workplace because this is what guides things to happen and will help initiate things to get things done. Leaders need to have a good motivation process with good motivation techniques that will encourage their workers to do their job and do it well. Leaders usually create conditions that will satisfy employees personal needs in the
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They both have to work together because in order for the employee to be motivated usually they have to be empowered to have job satisfaction, a good performance, and employee efficacy at the workplace (More,Vito, and Walsh, 2012, p.154-159). Define the components of empowerment “There are four ingredients powering empowerment. They’re participation, delegation, integrity, and competency. The first three are dependent on the foundational value of trust” (Whisenand, 2009, p. 117). Having all four of these ingredients will give a person empowerment. An individual gaining trust is very important because it can show reliability, loyalty, integrity, and competency. “A person must require setting up a trust bank account (TBA) with other people. Each trustworthy action on your part is a deposit, and each untrustworthy action is a withdrawal on your account” (Whisenand, 2009, p.117). The individual must first trust in themselves before having others trust in them. Without trusting yourself, people will always second guess trusting you on certain task. There are four ways to effective delegation: stewardship, gofer, dump, and management. Only stewardship promotes empowerment. The others inhibit or prevent empowering employees. Stewardship delegation is concentrating on results instead of methods. It makes a person a hundred percent responsible
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