Motivation and Leadership in Social Work Management

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Motivation and leadership are very important components in social work management. Good managers should be aware not only of practical facets of that but also have a theoretical bases. That is why the work titled "Motivation and Leadership in Social Work Management" was written. The author of that composition is Elizabeth Fisher from Shippensburg Uniwersity in Pennsylvania. In that paper she is articulating some kinds of motivation or leadership theories and how they apply to social work. First part of the lecture is dealing about motivation theories which are divided on: content theories of motivation and process theories of motivation. In the first group we can find Maslow 's hierarchy of needs which one of the most popular theories…show more content…
Going by the second part of the referee I had posibillity to became aware of leadership theories in social work management. Elizabeth Fisher described several theories of leadership which I will talk over in this section. I am going to begin from the McGregor 's Theory X - Theory Y. He developed these ideas based on the assumption that manager 's styles depend on what they believe motivates human behaviour. A social work manager that people are motivated by the concepts of Theory X or Theory Y, and then the manager 's actions are in accordance. Theory X is telling that workers are averse to a job and they are naturally irresponsible. They are doing everything which is connecting in their own interest. The only way to get good achievements from them is to use coercive methods. Accordance to Theory Y work is natural for people and it is something that they want to do. Humans are generally more motivated by self-actualization need than reward or punishments. They have natural ability to be crative and productive. Another system was developed by Renis Likert. It is a model of understanding leadership and the performance characteristisc of organizations. It is called Likert 's System 1 - System 4. Each system represents one of four types of organizations and depends of the performing scale. System 1 organizations are more inflexible and tradicional bureaucratic organizations. This is the type of the lowest producing organizations. System
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