Motivation and Personality

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Sports psychology

Personality and Motivation.

P1. Personality is the sum of those characteristics that make a person unique. Personality has been defined as "an individual's characteristic patterns of thought, emotion, behaviour, together with the psychological mechanisms.
Personality has many different characteristics that make an individual different to others these can be positive and negative for example being shy can be a negative effect on sport as you don’t give yourself enough motivation or even motivation to others, however being confident in sports can benefit them as individuals and the people around them as you can motivate others as your confident to do that. These are called characteristics.
Personality has many different
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Type A
The people that fall into this personality are usually very impatient, very competitive and have a strong urge to win, they also have huge desire to achieve goals that people have set them or that they have set themselves. They also like complete tasks that have been set to them as quickly as possible as they feel they have the need to achieve, they will happily multi-task when placed under heavy time constraints. They also lack tolerance towards other people and also tend to experience higher levels of anxiety.
Type B
People who are type B are the type of people who tend to be more tolerant towards other people and have a lot more patience. They are a lot more relaxed than their type a counterparts. They don’t experience as much anxiety as Type A and therefore will not be stressed as much and more laid back, they have been known to experience and display higher levels of imagination and creativity.

The next theory is Situational approach. Situational approach is the complete opposite to trait theory as trait theory is more internal and situational approach is more about external and about the environment; however you cannot predict a sports person’s behaviour. Situational approach is split up into two groups one of them is modelling which is where people show off there personality by trying to act like someone else and try to impersonate they’re look, the other group is reinforcement
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