Motivation and Reinforcement

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Motivation and Reinforcement
Motivation is the art of getting people to do things or to do things more efficiently or quickly. Knowing what the human behavior will do is of the upmost importance. Some of the principals of theorist Abraham Maslow and Frederick Herzberg will open your eyes up to what really motivate people.
Finding out which type of motivation intrinsic or extrinsic, is a building block of how a person gets influenced for better motivation. Knowing this trait is a helpful factor to understanding the personality of the person. There attitude can change or formed by a good or bad frame of reference in individuals views.
Only by determining the motivational approach of what sets a person to higher standards is
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Those external factors can include rewards, recognition, bonuses, promotions, and praise. When thinking in terms of motivating employees, a manager should try to help an employee make the connection between their inner drives to fulfill their personal needs and what that might mean in terms of working hard and smart on the job. When employees identify their own welfare with that of their employer, they'll naturally work harder.
You have to look at attitudes and how are they formed, measured and changed? What degree of influence do they exert on behavior? In the assessment of attitude it can be summarized as being, "a frame of reference that influences the individual's views or opinions on various topics and situations, and influences their behavior." It is widely accepted, however, that attitudes include both beliefs and values. Beliefs, although considered to be based on the knowledge gained about the world around us, can vary greatly in their importance and influence, and therefore being their resistance to change. For instance, an individual's belief in God is highly influential, not only on its own but also in its effect on many other beliefs held by the individual, whereas a belief that eating late at night may cause indigestion is far less central and influential in its effect. Beliefs, both major and minor, form the cognitive component of attitude structure. Motivation and Reinforcement 5
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