Motivation and Ripped Abs

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Executive Summary: Motivation is probably the most important aspect of a lifestyle change and is one of the toughest ones to maintain. It is not easy to stay true to your original desire, so we have decided to compile a small list of possible motivational sources you may use the next time you decide to give everything a break. Points of Interest: • Procrastination and fitness • Importance of goals • Bring-a-buddy Everyone who works out, or has worked out at one point in his or her life, can appreciate six-pack abs. It is not an easy task to achieve, and requires a significant amount of dedication and discipline. In addition to being a true monument to physical appearance, ripped abs also represent a strong dedication to a healthy diet and lifestyle. Because it requires so much from an individual, many people are likely to give up before the finish line and the result will not be there. In order to maintain the exercise and diet at the highest level your motivation needs to be high enough. Sometimes that means we need to have a helping hand, sometimes it means we have to kick ourselves in the butt but sometimes it just means we need a new perspective. People are used to taking the road of less resistance, and as such tend to procrastinate more often than not. Just think about how many times you have said, “I would love to go to the gym today, but I have that barbeque tomorrow and I do not want to be sore”. There is a saying, “I do not have the time for the gym – I make

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