Motivation and Team Dyanamics

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Motivation can be defined as a process that starts with a physiological deficiency that activates a push that is aimed at a goal incentive The aim of this essay is to show that how motivation can be an important factor for better performance of employees in a sector (Steininger, 1994).
In the first article, the author analyzes the nature of motivational research and the approach adopted by motivational researchers in order to figure out what motivates the employees of a given organization to perform their best. He calls marketers as instrumentalists who in fact only research about motivating others so as to attain their own means. The second article reemphasizes and analyzes some necessary
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For the effective implementation of strategies, the marketers are required to show full commitment to objective approach and creative research as a compelling instrument. A point to be noted in this context is that the mechanisms can be of particular importance for the motivation of a certain segment only, and the techniques, frame of reference and preferences might vary for each specific purpose. (Steininger, 1994)
The author summarizes that the marketer should not totally disregard motivational research, though it indeed is a misleading approach towards marketing since it strives to ascertain not the preferences of customers as it claims to do so, but to ascertain how to influence the preferences of customers so as to gain benefits. The creative aspect of such motivational research is to be banked upon by a marketer if he intends to utilize creative ideas for selling of a product, by focusing on what might motivate a customer to buy a product in the larger scheme of things, rather than based on how the customers already views the position of the firm in the market.
Second Article
Analysis and evaluation
The second article focuses on finding out the various factors which affect performance of workers, and motivate or de-motivate them. The difference between the previous article and this one is that instead of analyzing and being

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