Motivation and the Brain

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Motivation and the Brain Paper Table of Contents Introduction: 3 Analyze the brain structures: 3 Brain functions: 4 Motivation to engage in eating healthy behavior: 5 Conclusion: 6 References: 8 Introduction: Motivation is a phenomenon in which the brain and physical function are involved through emotional and reflexes. It is a critical factor in learning, emotions, and success of an individual. It is also influenced by emotional state of a person as the evaluations and actions of a living being are closely derived through motivation. The emotional systems are also associated with the creation of motivation. Brain is the major factor influencing the emotions and working process of an individual's perceptions of various events. There are multiple factors related to emotions that serve as means of brain's working. The brain oriented motivational functions and features are widely applied in theories and practice. The analysis of brain structure is discussed in the section below highlighting its chemical and biological features. The brain also performs certain functions in order to motivate and initiate a response in certain situations. The context of the situations is also relevant for the assessment of motivation. The healthy eating habits are also a function of motivation and living a healthy life through eating nutritious and healthy food. It is also observed that brain functions are important to assess response of individuals in certain situation. The
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