Motivation as a Manager

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To adapt to the new business climate brought about by globalisation and technological innovation, he believes that goal-setting contributes to effectiveness and efficiency in the company, and that it is best to involve employees in the decision-making process, as he feels that this can help to motivate employees, and on-the-ground feedback means that he as a manager can set challenging goals for his employees. Having worked in overseas, he has seen cultural differences in terms of the methods used to manage employees in different countries, and believe that it is an important point to consider in terms of the approach used to motivate employees. Especially with regards to the hiring of foreign talents in Singapore, he believes that special care needs to be taken to ensure that any clashes in culture do not alienate these employees. Lastly, Chye notes that his company have not used any profiling test to select potential employees, and simply feels that there is no need for it as a simple face-to-face interview would suffice. Background of Interviewee #2 Mr Tan Chew Kwang is a Process Engineering Manager working for Beyonics Technology. Beyonics Technology has several plants around Asia. Beyonics Technology Limited
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