Motivation at Ryanair

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Motivation at Ryanair
Ricardo Lopes UC - MBA 2010-2013 Organisational Behaviour Introduction Nowadays flying for a few pounds is a reality in Europe, due to low cost airliners, like Ryanair. Management at Ryanair has only one view, to reduce costs in all ways possible to give their customers the lowest price in the market (Boru, 2006). This was the type of management that changed civil aviation in the last 20 years. For this reason, human resources in Ryanair are considered one more resource in the company that must be reduce like the others (Boru, 2006). In the light of this culture, Ryanair has motivation problems in all areas of the company, such as cabin crew, pilots and ground staff. It might be possible to use: Maslow’s hierarchy of
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It has been suggested that there are process and content theories. Maslow’s and Herzberg’s are considered content theories, which describe the level and type of needs and how are associate with behaviors that determine satisfaction (Udechukwu, 2009). Process theories like equity theory, expectancy theory, reinforcement theory


MBA – OB Motivation at Ryanair

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and goal setting, are associate to the indivdual, about there inputs and outcomes and how individual behavior can be influenced to achevie satisfaction. A.H. Maslow’s Theory of Motivation There are early theories and contemporary theories of motivation; one of earliest is the theory of Human Motivation from A. H. Maslow (1943). Maslow argues that there is a hierarchy of five needs in each person: physiological needs, love needs, social needs, esteem needs and self-actualization needs. The needs are grouped by lowerorder and higher-order: the lower-order of needs are physiological and safety, these needs are satisfied externally; the higher-order are love, esteem and selfactualization, are satisfied internally. After one need is substantially satisfied, the next need will emerge, until the last one, so the need satisfied not longer motivates the person (Robbins and Judge, 2009). To put this theory into practice, organization must know what is the need of the employee that must be motivated. The weakness of the

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