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Motivation in Business Thesis: Organization member can be effectively motivated by organizational leaders Motivational Styles Motivation is the ultimate goal of management in business, and the topic of multiple seminars, books, and videos. Engendering the emotional energy of frontline workers is the most difficult challenge facing organizational leaders worldwide. The is a difficult task because “most frontline employees work for a regular paycheck and nothing more; they never emotionally connect with their employers, let alone care about the company’s long-term performance.” (Katzenbach) By following the principles employed by successful organizations, organization member can be effectively motivated by their…show more content…
Johnson Controls, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, and Toyota were cited as examples of companies that employ this motivation technique effectively. An equally valid generator of emotional commitment to the organization is to engage the entrepreneurial spirit. This can be achieved by supporting personal freedom, giving opportunity for high earnings, and having few rules about behavior. Organizational members are allowed to choose their work activities and take significant personal risks. This autonomous work structure puts individuals in control of their own destinies – those who savor the high-risk, high-reward work environment will flourish in this type of environment. Examples of companies employing this method are Hambrecht & Quist, BMC Software, and Vail Ski and Snowboard School. Motivational Implementation The tenor of the membership in an organization is set from the inception of the relationship. Employees should be invested in from the first day on the job. Watching a video and reading the mission statement are not enough – this is the best chance to inculturate new employees so that the values and mission of the organization are made personal and a part of the individual. Because of the importance, training should be done by the leaders who best exemplify the organization’s values and mission, not nubile workers who barely understand the organization themselves. The importance of stressing values cannot be
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