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Learners’ motivation has become more commonly recognized as perhaps the major determining factor for successful learning in general, whether one is a high school student pushing one's way through the battery of required courses needed to graduate, or an adult learner taking distance education courses. In any learning setting, the dynamics of motivation will be different. What will help a high school student sustain motivation may not apply to an adult learner, for example. Similarly, what factors affect and enhance learner motivation in the English as a Foreign Language (EFL) setting (in our case) will differ as well. Furthermore, motivation for EFL learners in a middle school or high school class
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A new acquaintance: ‘ I want to emigrate to Canada, together with my husband, and we have already started the procedures. My husband has a cousin that lives in Toronto, and this will be our destination. My husband speaks English fluently, but I studied only Russian and French in school, so, I do have worries about the interview with the immigration officer. Our success depends partly on me being able to prove I will easily integrate into the new country and that I can find a job as soon as possible. Our level of language will influence the amount of money we are asked as a ‘fee’’

A parent: ‘I keep telling my daughter to learn English and I hope she does. She knows I have failed an interview for a job abroad in the constructions field, in Great Britain. Only those who had minimal English knowledge were admitted. One should have English speaking skills nowadays…’ I cannot say I have experience in teaching adults, but I offered a ‘helpful hand’ to some of my close friends eager to ‘start to learn English’ and I could arrive at some conclusions:
- Adults in some ways are easy to teach because they have a high degree of extrinsic motivation. They make the choice of taking English classes and sometimes they make a financial commitment to their learning.
- In the case of adult beginners the goals (learning a certain piece of language, for example) are easy to perceive and relatively easy to achieve, since everything is new and anything learnt is a success.
- With

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