Motivation in Nestle

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Stage 1—Planning 3 I. Brief 4 λ Title of the Project 4 λ Objectives of the Project 4 λ Statement of the Issues to be Investigated 4 λ Reasons for the Choice of Issue 5 λ Covered as Part of the Graded Award 5 λ Justification to the Business Chosen 5 λ Explanation to the Sources of Information 6 λ Explanation to the Methods used for the Investigation 6 λ Statement of the Criteria 7 II. Plan 8 λ Timescales for Conducting the Investigation and the Identification of the Resources 8
Stage 2—Developing 10 I. Executive Summary 11 II. Introduction 12 III. Statement of facts 12 1. The Vision of Nestlé S.A. 12 2. The Mission of Nestlé S.A. 13 3.
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Therefore, this issue is chosen to be investigated.

Covered as Part of the Graded Award

Based on the knowledge learned before, the issue of Motivation Policy is directly related to the relevant motivation theories (e.g. the Maslow Theory, Hertzberg’s Motivation-hygiene Theory, etc.) in the course of Management People and Organization.

Justification to the Business Chosen

In the field of food, NESTLÉ is the biggest food company around the world, and at the same time, the Motivation Policy of NESTLÉ is the most well-known also.

Like some examples, the personnel pay in NESTLÉ is higher than any other company in the food industry, which to meet the physiological needs of employees. Moreover, among the motivation policies of NESTLÉ, it insists that the superb working environment which can encourage, support, communicate and co-operate staffs with others is the best way to meet the employees’ social needs and motivate staffs. In term of self-actualisation, NESTLÉ offers a considerable of promotion opportunities for their staff to compete the post vacancies, and besides, it makes the specific and scientific training plans for the career of the employees. Through these ways, the workforce in NESTLÉ will obtain the enough respect.

Explanation to the Sources of Information

In this report, the primary information and the secondary information will be both utilized to finish the investigation. Specifically speaking,

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