Motivation in Organization

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People management and organizational behavior Table of Contents Serial No. | Particulars | Page No. | | Introduction | 3 | Task 1 | Application of any two theories of motivation to motivating the supermarket staff | 4 | | Team | 4 | | Principles the two factor theory | 6 | | Applicability of the factors theory | 7 | | Principles of the Expectation Theory | 7 | | Validity of the Expectation Theory | 8 | | Reliability of the Expectation Theory | 8 | | Applicability of the Expectation Theory | 8 | Task 2 | Explanation of what approaches the manager could use to build cohesive, cooperative and effective teams | 8 | | Process to build cohesive, cooperative and effective teams | 10 | | Conclusion | 11…show more content…
(Drucker, P. 1988). Company Worker/ Implementer Implementers are the special person who more vast knowledge of operations and also have disciplined, more aware and with a personal image. They are very often tough-minded and very much practical in their work (Garcia P. 2009). Monitor evaluator Monitor evaluators is the person who contribute particularly at the times of emergency decision making stage because they are eligible of implementing, considering of practical work proposals (Staples, D. et al, 1998). Team Worker Team worker does their job very cooperatively and also have the combined work with their team members. They should build a strong team to provide their best effort for the purpose of gaining team goal. (Slovic, P. & Fischhoff, B. 1977). Complete finisher Complete finisher is the people who do their job very seriously and they took start from the very fast and complete their jobs at the end. He or she may concentrate the detail and aims to finish the job as early as possible.(Tucker, K. 2004). Specialist Specialist is the person who has vast knowledge and technical skills which are very few within the team. Most of them are highly introverted and anxious and try to be self starting, dedicated and committed (Robbins, S. 1998). So in the very fast we can see the application of the two factors theory developed by the F. Herzberg and its implications, explanations, reliability, validity and the proper applications in the
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