Motivation in Work Settings: Reflection in the Core Organizational Management Strategy

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The word Motivation is a common terminology which most employers are familiar with and in every organisation the employers has different techniques and strategies the use in motivating their employees. Many scholars have argued on different forms of motivation and argued that to be motivated should be individual employee’s responsibility and the employers responsibility, this theory was criticized by some school of thought. This research is aim to determine the understanding of employees about motivation and know what forms of motivation actually motivates each employees, this study also elaborate on various forms of motivation and proves that it is not just financial incentives that motivates employees. It was
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The bank also won the best ICT support Bank of the year award at the 2009 National ICT merit Awards
Over the years the bank has received numerous accolades and commendation for its expertise and exceptional delivery and its management quality, but to mention few of this quality are: the 2007 most respected bank of the year in survey by price water house coopers and business day, the best bank in Nigeria by Euro money numerous honors in the vanguard Newspaper Banking awards as winner in the different categories :most customer friendly Bank, bank of the year, best bank in cooperate Governance in 2007. Recently the Bank also clinched the KPMG 2009 most customer focused Bank, Retail award and the most socially Responsible Bank in Nigeria at the social Enterprise Reports and awards, SERA 2009. In the course of primary data collection for this study an interview was conducted and research questionnaire was distributed to three different branches of the bank among the employees and employers of Guarantee trust Bank plc to determine what they understand as motivation and the form of motivation which motivates them.
The case study in this research is carried out from one of the best banks in Nigeria to investigate the level of motivation and its total impact on both the employee and the organisation.
Finally data collation and result analysis is achieved which gives the insight of the research conclusions and recommendation.
1.3 Statement of Problem

The management skill
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