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INTRODUCTION Rensis Likerthas called motivation as the core of management. Motivation is an effective instrument in the hands of the management in inspiring the work force .It is the major task of every manager to motivate his subordinate or to create the will to work among the subordinates. It should also be remembered that the worker may be immensely capable of doing some work, nothing can be achieved if he is not willing to work .creation of a will to work is motivation in simple but true sense of term. Motivation is an important function which very manager performs for actuating the people to work for accomplishment of objectives of the organization .Issuance of well conceived instructions and orders does not mean that they will be…show more content…
In general, the different motives operate at different times among different people and influence their behaviors. The process of motivation studies the motives of individuals which cause different type of behavior. Meaning of motivation: Motivation has been variously defined by scholars. Usually one or more of these words are included in the definition: desires, wants, aims, goals, drives, movies and incentives. Motivation is derived from the Latin word ‘Move on’ which means “to move”. Human motives are internalized goals within individuals. A motive is an inner state that energies activates, or moves and directs or channels behavior towards goals. Definition: 1. Motivation is the complex forces starting and keeping a person at work in the organization. 2. Motivation is the various drives within or environmental forces surrounding individual that stimulate or attract them in a specific manner. 3. Motivation is the art of understanding motives satisfying them to direct and sustain behavior towards the accomplishment of organization goals. 4. Motivation is the process of operating organizational conditions which will impel employees of any emotion or desire operation one’s will and prompting or driving at it to action. Motivation consists of the three interaction and interdependent elements of needs, drives and goals. Needs: These are the

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