Motivation in the Work Place

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Motivation in the Work Place Abstract Motivation is the study of what makes us do things. Every day we are faced with many decisions. What choice we make is the study of motivation. There are several theories of motivation; the theory of opportunity-cost is the most widely recognized. This paper will discuss (1) the major forces that drive us, (2) diverse influences, and (3) tangible and intangible outputs. Through the years there have been several theories as to what motivates employees to do their best at work. Every person has their own set of motivations and personal incentives to either work hard or not. Some people are motivated by recognition while others are motivated by cash incentives. Whatever the…show more content…
Passengers will receive a discount if they purchase their tickets 14 days an advance and will not stay on Saturday nights, likely to be business travelers. Which passengers will mostly travel on immediate or short notice from their company and will purchase tickets at a higher price. The elasticity of demand is greatly affected by the customer's purpose for travel. Airline travelers mainly fly for business or pleasure. With the wave of technology, a large percentage of business travel has been eliminated to conserve spending. The airline industries use a formula of combining their yield and inventory costs to determine ticket prices. While there focus was on making a profit, maximizing the cost of the flights revenue. One exception is if you are flexible enough to travel on one- or two-weeks’ notice you can get a great rate. However; airlines charging its passengers higher prices and again secure higher revenues. The price of tickets brings about the supply and demand equilibrium for the supply of airline tickets. If there’s an increase of profits with that will bring about the supply of tickets in turn will reduce the price of airline tickets. If the profits decrease the price of tickets will rise and that will slow down the demand of airline tickets. If the prices for airline tickets rise to a higher demand it will not be met and will not be able to create the equilibrium of the supply and demand that is needed for airlines to operate. The Airlines will
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