Motivation to Work Well Depends More Than High Wages and on Working Co

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Motivation to Work Well Depends More Than High Wages and on Working Conditions 1) Discuss critically the validity of the contention that the motivation to work well depends on more than a high salary and good working conditions. This essay will define what motivation is, the influence and effect that money and good working conditions have on staff and the other factors and issues that motivate staff to work in the context of the workplace. In order to critically discuss and evaluate what motivates staff in the workplace it is imperitive to firstly define the concept of motivation. Motivation can be defined as the force or process which impels people to behave in the way they do; Newcomb (1950) said that an organism is motivated: "when…show more content…
McClelland (1953) said that even when presented with a high salary good working conditions and all other contributing factors some people are still not motivated. McClellands theory of achievement motivation says that we all want to achieve but for some people it is a high priority while for others success is relatively unimportant. The strength for ones need for achievement is not an inherited personality feature but is determined by environmental influences and parental attitudes to goal achievement. These people who have high achivement goals will realistically set themselves goals they can achieve. At the same time, because they have a high need for personal achievements , the individual prefers situations where there is a high degree of autonomy, responsibility and control over tasks for these individuals high salaries and good working conditions are not the major providers of motivation. When it comes to motivating people what matters is not just the actual reward but also their perception of it. For example a superior may ask a subordinate to take over a responsibility for a task because he or she believes it will give the subordinate the chance to develop their ability in a given area. However, the subordinate might well view this as additional and unwelcome work. To the superior it is an opportunity to give the subordinate more challenging tasks and enable them to gain more
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