Motivational Action Plan

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Motivational Action Plan Mr. Warren is an employee of about 6 months with our company. Despite the fact that he has never before been in this line of work, he has taken to it like butter to toast. Though, he struggled in the beginning with fear of being the "new guy", he seems to be settled in with his new position. The routine that he has fallen into seems to accommodate him, the people he works with, and the company. He is really doing a wonderful job in his line of work. Though, he does not mind to work with others, he prefers to work alone. He is very sensitive to criticism, so working with other people can tend to overstress him. Due to potential that Jeremy has within the company, I would prefer to motivate him more with the Self Determining Theory. This theory will give Warren the chance to make important decisions within the company. I believe that this will boost his self-esteem enough that he will be confident enough to work in a team environment. Mr. Miller is an employee of about two years. He has a lack of motivation that causes him to miss his fullest potential by a longshot. His biggest downfall is the fact that he has such good relationships with his co-workers. He does not mind to just wonder from work area to work area in search of a good conversation. Mr. Miller works well in a team environment but loses interest in his work when left alone. Mr. Miller has recently expressed concern for his line of work due to the fact that he has a child on the way.
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