Motivational Enhancement Therapy: A Case Study

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Relaxation, celebrating, and socializing are often reasons people engage in alcohol. However, the enjoyment of alcohol in moderation may become difficult for some individuals to manage when using alcohol as coping mechanisms or scapegoat, for other underlining issues: personal, social and work-related concerns. Unfortunately, lack of proper management may or can result into alcoholism. According to the DSM-V alcoholism is diagnosed as alcohol use disorder or alcohol addiction, in which a person becomes physically and psychologically dependent on alcohol to the point that he or she cannot function without it (American Psychiatric Association,2013). Treatment approach
Motivational Enhancement Therapy is a treatment approach I resonate with for the treatment of alcohol disorders. The use of this approach will allow the individual to engage exploring the internal motivations for their behavior and resolving any ambivalence. Using this intervention is effective but short in duration and will reduce any possible risk of abrupt termination of treatment by the client. Nonetheless, using this type of therapy will build and strengthen motivation to change drinking behavior, while achieving moving forward in set goals. In addition,
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It is suggested that, clinicians evaluate clients for further mental health disorders prior to the selection of MET (Martin, & Rehm, 2012). The pervasiveness, of this treatment would necessitate the management of all or any additional mental health disorders prior to using this intervention. This approach may also trigger feelings of defensiveness in the client. Although this intervention is effective for some clients, it is recommended that individuals with very severe or long-standing histories of substance dependence or addiction seek more intensive treatment before undergoing a trial of
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