Motivational Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction

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Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction Employee motivation and job satisfaction have always been an important issue in an organization, but few organizations have not made motivation and job satisfaction top priorities or even neglected the issue at times. The failure of the managers in the organization to determine the motivational factors of the employees will create dissatisfaction of the employees which will eventually result to the decrease in productivity of the employees. The managers of the organization should properly utilize its people who are considered the most important part of an organization because these employees are the one’s doing the legwork in order to achieve the goals of the organization. It…show more content…
The basic issue here is that no two people are identical. You need to tailor incentives to the employee’s individual needs. In short, employees are motivated by their own needs, not ours. Al-alawi (2005), mentioned that humans are motivated by many factors such as psychological needs, physiological drives, survival urges, emotions, huts, impulses, fears, threats, reward, possessions, wishes, intentions, values, freedom, intrinsic, and self-satisfaction, pleasure, dislikes, established habits, goals, and above all, money. It is apparent that an important starting point lies in understanding employee’s needs and at the same time helping managers understand how employee’s internal needs affect their subsequent behavior. In this regard, the researcher finds it interesting to do a study on the motivational drives or factors that influence the job satisfaction of the non-teaching personnel particularly in the Department of Education, Regional Office III. The researcher, who is presently assigned at the Personnel Unit of the Regional Office, found it interesting to know what motivational factors influence the job satisfaction of the non-teaching personnel. In this case, the management would have a clear understanding on the present dilemma of the non-teaching personnel, which causes the low productivity of some employees. This will also assist the
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