Motivational Interviewing An Evidence Based Psychotherapeutic Method That Was Developed By Dr. William R. Miller

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According to Miller and Rose (2009), Motivational Interviewing is an evidence-based psychotherapeutic method that was developed by Dr. William R. Miller following unexplained outcomes that emphasized the impact of interpersonal processes on behavior change after Miller trained counselors on techniques of behavioral self-control and accurate empathy. The clinical method has been defined by Lewis Dana and Belvins (2015) and Miller and Rollnick (2002) as goal-directive, client-centered counseling method for eliciting behavior and enhancing intrinsic motivation to change by helping clients explore and resolve their ambivalence (Lewis, Dana & Belvins, 2015; Miller & Rollnick, 2002). While composed of general principles and early methods, Miller and Rollnick (2002), Miller and Rose (2009), and Lewis et al (2015) all discuss the basic practice of Motivational Interviewing is underlined by the Motivational Interviewing spirit, which focuses on collaboration, and evocation between the counselor and the client, and the autonomy of the client (Lewis et al, 2015; Miller & Rollnick, 2002; Miller and Rose, 2009). Although originally developed to address substance abuse disorders, as published by Miller and Rose (2009), Motivational Interviewing is effective in reducing maladaptive behaviors and promoting adaptive health behavior changes. Additionally, the relatively brief intervention is easily learned by a broad range of helping professionals, compliments other forms of active treatment…
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