Motivational Interviewing And Cognitive Behavior Therapy

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Running head: Motivational Interviewing & CBT 2 Motivational Interviewing & Cognitive Behavior Therapy Case manager has been working with Ms. Tabitha, who has one child by the name of Michelle, currently 25 years of age, and two deceased twin daughters, as well. Tabitha was diagnosed with having an anxiety disorder, and is taking medication’s to help with her anxiety. Recently, Tabitha failed her housekeeping inspection, and has six months to improve her housekeeping situation, and if she doesn’t, will be evicted from the premises. Tabitha sought help for her situation; is receiving counseling, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and she’s removing the clutter from her home, while learning new skills. The…show more content…
On the readiness ruler, you gave yourself a score of a 20, meaning you will go above and beyond the fact to accomplish your goals, and be committed to your treatment plan. Case manager asked Tabitha, “Does it sound like I’m on the right track?” Tabitha’s response was, “Yes.” Case manager asked Tabitha, “How has your mood been since our last session?” Tabitha’s response was, “Great!” Case manager asked Tabitha, “What were some of your thoughts, and feelings, when you removed the clutter from your home on last week?” Tabitha response was, “She was happy during the entire process of removing the clutter.” Tabitha stated, “Six months from now, her house will be completely free from clutter, and she will continue to use the skills learned from CBT to live a productive life.” Tabitha’s next comments were, “The benefit of changing my behavior has brought me a since of relief; I’m able to cook in my
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