Motivational Interviewing Model As Intervention Method For Eating Disorders

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Motivational Interviewing model is particularly a client-focused and directive therapeutic model that helps prepare clients toward readiness for change by exploring and resolving factors that causes conflicting feelings toward change. I will be discussing Motivational Interviewing model as intervention method for eating disorders.
This paper discusses Motivational Interviewing model as intervention model for correcting eating disorder behavior. I will adopt the model to develop intervention program for Audrie, an 18 year old Asian girl and a college freshman, who lived in the University dorm. Audrie was referred to the university counselling center, because she lost 15 pounds after her college admission due to eating disorders. This paper will also explore the history of the model as well as the underlying implicit and explicit assumptions associated with. Also, I will discuss the formation of the intervention, the overall impression of the model and way of applying the model. In conclusion, I will discuss how this model can be used to help correct eating disorder of my case study and work Audrie through preparing for changes.

Motivational interviewing is a way of conducting and occupy the essential motivation within the client in order to change behavior. It is “an efficient and collaborative style of clinical interaction that can boost the effectiveness of the therapeutic alliance” (Jellinek, Henderson, Dilallo, & Weiss, 2009, p.108). Motivational…
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