Motivational Methods Paper

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Motivational Methods Paper Rhonda Rohde HCS/325 September 10, 2012 Kelli Reid Motivational Methods Paper This paper will provide information about three motivational methods I as a manager will apply to my organizational department which must be downsized. This information will include motivational techniques used to implement the change within my department. It will also include theoretical concepts from the textbook, Health Care Management and outside resources to support the theories used. Last the paper will conclude with highlights of the information provided to introduce the change within the organization. I just got an e-mail from my supervisor explaining that my department must be downsized and my job as the manager is…show more content…
While having a conversation with the employee the manager should not pay attention to phone, e-mails or anything distracting the manager’s focus on the conversation. This also includes the manager genuinely taking an interest in his or her employee and discussing not just business but include personal conversation. For example when the manager inquires about the employee’s day or family and finds common interest this will promote a healthy relationship and result in trust and friendship. Setting an example is another important technique; if a manager expects the employee to show dedication to the workplace then he or she should do the same. If the manager’s goal is to achieve higher standards for his or her department it is important for him or her to set the example. Arriving to work on time, presenting a positive attitude, and remaining honest is important to any manager within the health organization. If a manager expects his or her employees to have the traits previously stated then he or she should lead by example. The employee in return will want to obtain these traits and respect the manager to a higher level. The theories relating to the motivational methods and techniques I have chosen to reinforce the information are the two-factor and expectancy theory. The two-factor theory was developed by Frederick Herzberg’s and falls under two categories the satisfier and hygiene factors. The two are linked and are identified as being turned
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