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Running head: MOTIVATIONAL PLAN Motivational Plan Essay Douglas C. Soles Grand Canyon University: EDA 575 January 12, 2011 There are five basic theories of motivation. 1) Self-determination theory states that people have three basic needs. 2) Attribution theory wants to know why things happen. 3) Expectancy-value theory is interested in a person’s beliefs about abilities. 4) Social cognitive theory states that human behavior comes from their attributes. 5) Goal orientation theory wants to know the reasons for doing tasks. Self-Determination Theory The self-determination theory states that people have three basic needs. A need for autonomy, which is to feel a sense of self-directedness, the need to feel competent, and…show more content…
The utility value is finding usefulness in a task. The student will be motivated if it will help their grade. The last component is cost. The cost value knows it will be worth their time to do it. Usually if a student knows the assignment is not going to be graded, they won’t bother to do it. Student results come from teacher expectancies. If a teacher thinks the students will perform poorly and they treat them this way, then they will not do well. If a teacher has high expectations for the students and shows them this, they will do better. If teachers believe that certain groups of students do not value educations, then they will have different expectations for them. Teachers also have different expectations based on culture areas and socioeconomic backgrounds. Social Cognitive Theory The social cognitive theory states “that most human emotion is the direct result of what people think, tell themselves, assume, or believe about themselves and their social situations” (Lantz, 1978). Students are motivated by what they see in other people. If they see that their older brother or sister cannot get anywhere in life because they dropped out, they will be less likely to drop out. They also are motivated if they have a belief they have the ability to perform a certain task. Teachers can influence their beliefs. Teachers can take a weak student and pair them with a strong student to motivate them by what they see in the
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