Motivational Plan

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1. MOTIVATIONAL PLAN Motivational Plan Katrina Le`Vere University of Phoenix LDR 531 March20, 2012 2. MOTIVATIONAL PLAN 2 When leaders show a positive attitude about a mission or project, workers show anincreased desire to perform and reach the goal. The challenge comes when a project has a longduration of time to complete. For example, a team leader has a year to complete a project and sheneeds ensure each member of the team contributes to help complete it. She has given the teamtimelines and performance guidelines that need to be met, but the fact this project will last anentire year has the team discouraged. Removing the team’s discouragement is the first task forthe team leader. Next is to increase the team’s motivation, job…show more content…
To increase their motivation she encouraged self-generating 4. MOTIVATIONAL PLAN 4feedback,which is a more powerful motivator than externally generated feedback. It provides anopportunity for them to evaluate their own accomplishments and helps the team leader evaluatethe team member’s job satisfaction.Also during the monthly review meetingopenlyacknowledged team members who completed their tasks exceptionally and ahead of schedule.She planned to have management recognize her team’s efforts at the project completion byrecommended a variable-pay programfor rewarding individual employees with bonuses, profitsharing, merit-based pay, and employee stock ownership as an incentive forcontributionsto theorganization(Robbins & Judge, 2011). People are the most dynamic force in the workplace. A leader must demonstrate anability to lead, motivate, and problem while dealing with her personnel’s attitudes, personalities,performance, job satisfaction, and individual values. The team leader’s approach to the situationwas empowering leadership by highlighting the significance of the work, providing participationin the decision-making, conveying confidence that performance will be high, and removingbureaucratic constraints (Zhang &Bartol, 2010). The leader’s motivational plan uses variousmotivational theories and strategies to motivate her team to perform at his or her
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