Motivational Reasons for Failure in School

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In August of 2009 two boys began their school year at public schools in Southeastern Idaho. Both boys had been raised in similar settings of a two parent home, average income, and raised in a demographically rural community. These boys have had equal opportunities in the educational system of supportive parents and teachers and after school programs. Intellectually both boys have the ability to succeed in school. This tale of two Southeastern Idaho boys, and of millions of children just like them, raises the question of why some students educationally excel and others do not. If both boys in this scenario have the same opportunities, the same environmental settings, and the same level of intelligence then why will one excel and the…show more content…
For students in school, it manifests as an inability to consistently take action toward goals – or even the inability to create goals in the first place! Without accepting full responsibility for the direction of their life, students will not be able to commit to a plan of action, and will ultimately remain sitting on the fence. These students find it easy to blame people and situations for their failure to move forward in life. Students can be motivated differently for a variety of reasons, from age to culture to special needs. Teachers will need to incorporate various scenarios. Some motivations might work better than another or a combination of the two is a better approach. Individual students respond differently, some may respond to tangible rewards, stickers, and praise. Motivation for others will be a sense of accomplishment, responsibility, and pride. The tale of the two junior high boys in Southeast Idaho illustrates the role that fear of failure, incuriosity, and lack of ambition plays in low achievement at school. Both boys had equal opportunities educationally and environmentally. Their internal self shaped the outcome of their achievement. Teachers can encourage and inspire our children to overcome these setbacks of fear, incuriosity, and lack of ambition. Success can be a
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