Motivational Strategies for an Organization's Staff

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SLP 4 Organizations rely on their staff. There are several important elements regarding the staff of these organizations. One of the most important elements regarding organizations' staff refers to the motivational strategy that these organizations develop. This is because the performance level of the staff is significantly influenced by employees' motivation. The performance of employee is influenced by several factors, like their skills, their knowledge, the reward they receive from the organization, the workplace environment, their needs and preferences, and others (Chapman, 2012). Therefore, it is important that the organization focuses on identifying the factors that motivate employees. It is also important to develop flexible motivational strategies that can be adapted to the needs of each employee. This is because certain employees are motivated by financial issues, others are motivated by the public acknowledgement they receive, and others are motivated by certain benefits like paid subscriptions to gyms, spas, and other relaxation centers. Another key element of the staff in this organization refers to the development of staff. The organization considers that it is important to focus on developing the skills of the company's employees (Lindner, 2000). This is intended to help the employees address the changing needs of customers. The activity on the market is developing, and the company's employees must be aware of these changed, and must be skilled in order to
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