Motivations for Young People to Engage in the MLM-Business Vemma

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Modeling Nature Motivations for young people to engage in the MLM-business Vemma Nowadays, having a bachelor's or even a master's degree does not have any guarantee for future employment (Fevre, 2007). Furthermore, the rates of job dissatisfaction are extremely high (Fevre, 2007).People are not satisfied with the type of work they do, neither with the people whom they work with or their working hours (Fevre, 2007). During this time of high rates of job dissatisfaction and low employment, the concept of ' running your own business' or 'being your own boss' may sound attractive for many. Due to the rise of social media and interconnection between individuals, especially in the past 10 years, network marketing seems like a great opportunity for people who are not satisfied with the job they currently practice. A special case that has attracted my attention in the past months is Vemma, an online business where the basic idea is that you purchase the specific product, promote it to others, make sure others buy it through you and get paid as a reward. Although it is accused by many of being just another corrupt pyramid scheme, around me I observe quite a high number of young, motivated people joining Vemma and claiming they make money with it. The main question of this report becomes: what are the motivations for young people to join the Vemma business? In this paper, I wish to link this phenomenon to Ajzen's Theory of Reasoned Action and Planned Behaviour. Firstly, in order

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