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Terrorist organizations employ a variety of methods to inflict damage on their enemies. Some of the methods that have been successfully deployed by terrorists groups include: guerrilla warfare, roadside bombs, LEDs, and suicide bombing. Among these methods, suicide bombing has proven to be the most effective method for terrorist organizations to employ and achieve their goals. Furthermore, in his book, Knights Under the Prophet’s Banner, Zawahiri argues that “the method of martyrdom operations is the most successful way of inflicting damage against the proponent and the least costly to the mujahideen in casualties.” The goals of this essay is to provide an understanding into the factors that lead to terrorist organizations…show more content…
All that’s required is a willingness to kill and a willingness to die.” Also, one needs to take note that most of the suicide bombers according to Pape are not life-long members of the organization. In other words, they are specifically used only for the purpose of suicide bombing. Pape adds that these some of the suicide bombers are in the organization for only a few months while others are in the organization for only a few weeks. Therefore, this makes it hard for intelligence agencies to infiltrate these suicide bombers, and most of them are already dead when they are uncovered which is beneficial for the terrorist organizations that employ them because dead persons cannot talk and reveal sensitive details about their respective terrorist organizations. It is also crucial to note by employing suicide bombers (humans), it gives the terrorist organization an added advantage; ‘the human bomb’ can adapt and adjust accordingly when the situation requires him / her to do so. Thus, Hoffman argues that a person wearing a bomb is far more dangerous and far more difficult to defend against than a timed device left to explode in a marketplace. An important factor to note is that, the cost of suicide bombing operations is relatively cheap in comparison to other methods which require the use of expensive technology, and engineers

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