Motley Crüe Book Summary

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From women to police brutality to drug problems Mötley Crüe has faced it all. In the book Mötley Crüe The Dirt By the members of Motley Crüe and their managers they take you on a journey through all the struggles and all the adventures. If I had to grade this book I would give it an “A” because its informational, takes you on a journey, and leaves you wondering, “What’s Next?” This book is very informational in two large ways. The first way is it brings you deep into the history into Mötley Crüe. The way that each individual member meet each other and joined the bad all while crossing paths with at least one other member before forming Mötley Crüe. The Mötley House is described vaguely. The Mötley house was the first house that a majority…show more content…
This book brings you on the journey of each member’s journey. Bassist Nikki Sixx lived a life revolving around girls, drugs, alcohol, and rock and roll. With having his mom arrested at age 14 and attempting to stealing his first bass guitar only to realize it was a regular electric guitar Nikki Sixx grew up challenging the laws. Guitarist Mick Mars was into music from a young age where as time progressed he started writing down all his ideas in a notebook such as there band name Mötley Crüe just in a different form. Drummer Tommy Lee grew up a more comforted childhood receiving a snare drum for Christmas buying the rest on his own later. Tommy joined the school drum line where he learned tricks and stuff to do with drumsticks and drums. After skipping school and misbehaving his parents moved and he met Vince at his new school. Vocalist Vince Neil lived the rock star life even in high school where he was a legend and already in a band. Not only does this book take you on a journey of the members but also it takes you on a journey of their struggles. Mötley Crüe struggled to become famous due to the New Wave music, which they later helped kill off at the US Festival. The band struggled even more with getting a record deal then with becoming famous. No record company wanted to sign this band of degenerates who are playing rock and metal music when what was in was New Wave. Mötley Crüe very often struggled with fights and criticism for what they look like and how they sing. Their other major fight that they constantly battled was girls, with abusive girlfriends like Honey and Bullwinkle. The band in there early days usually used women for four purposes Food, Alcohol, Drugs, and
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