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Motor Characteristics of those with Significant Disabilities Individuals with significant disabilities often possess common motor characteristics related to the deficiencies they have. Whether chronic or acute, these health issues have a significant impact on the livelihood of the individual. When relating to and teaching those with significant disabilities, it is important to understand the motorical characteristics and the impact those characteristics have on an individual. Neurological One motor characteristic that makes up a large portion of those with significant disabilities, is that of neurological deficiency (Michaud, 2013). Disabilities that often exhibit neurological characteristics include…show more content…
As a result of improper messages to and from the brain, individuals may also have problems with posture (V-Excell, 2013). Because muscle control is lost, the individual may not be able to participate in common activities with peers. A long term affect can be the inability to carry one’s own weight (Oracle: Think Quest, 2008). Individuals with restricted movement characteristics are usually provided with therapies to help them participate as much as possible with their peers and within their environment (Michaud, 2013). Skeletal Deformities The area of skeletal deformities includes those with scoliosis, bone dislocation, and traumatic brain injury just to name a few (Michaud, 2013). These conditions develop prior to birth, as the result of brain injury, hereditary traits, or accident occurring prior to birth. Characteristics associated with these conditions include breathing difficulties, shortened muscles/tendons, malformation of the spinal cord, paralysis, incontinence, urinary problems and bowel problems (V-Excell, 2013) (Oracle: Think Quest, 2008). The issues associated with skeletal deformities can be very painful and can ultimately be life threatening (Michaud, 2013). Individuals often are unable to participate in age-appropriate activities. They are often confined to

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