Motor Vehicle Accidents And Economic Stress

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Motor Vehicle Accidents and Economic Stress In today’s society, motor vehicle accidents can cause serious economic stress on the average U.S. citizen. In America today, the average legal driving age can start out at the age of eighteen. Unless those new drivers have had plenty of time behind the wheel, they are subject to a higher risk of a motor vehicle accident that could result in economic stress. Economic stress can come in all varieties. It can range from an influx in vehicle insurance premiums and medical bills to the physiological stress of losing a vehicle in a multi-vehicle homestead; as well as the stress that can come from ones career or workplace. With the economic state of America, an influx in insurance premiums and payments can seriously hit the pocket. Motor vehicle accidents are the leading causes of traumatic injuries worldwide (Diedericks 2). Motor vehicle accidents can cause traumatic stress, severe injury, and can even cause serious debt. If the average U.S. citizen were to better understand what a motor vehicle accident is and understand the leading causes of those motor vehicle, it would help in mitigating the volume of accidents and economic stress. What is a motor vehicle accident? Many would use this terminology of “accident” to not come across as harsh as others would take words like “collision” or “incident” (Dennis). The term collision is used to define objects that come together with solid impact (Dennis). An accident is defined as a sequence of

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