Motor Vehicle Accidents Are The Number One Killer Of People Aged 1-44

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When it comes to auto maintenance, every aspect of your vehicle is important. This comes as an obvious for most car owners. Despite this being common knowledge, a large majority of auto owners tend to delay or neglect their maintenance altogether. In 2010, British American Auto Care found that 85% of cars in the United States needed repair or maintenance.

Not only does regular service and maintenance reduce your costs, as scheduled maintenance outweighs large repairs, it impacts your safety. The BAAC study went on to explain that, “motor vehicle accidents are the number one killer of people aged 1-44. Over 2,600 deaths occur each year because of car neglect, and nearly 100,000 disabling injuries happen every year. This means that eleven people are injured every hour and one person dies every three hours due to accidents which could have been prevented.”

While all auto servicing is important, when it comes to the safety of you and your passengers, your tyres are paramount. The study went on to find that 21% of vehicles studied lacked ideal pressure, 16% lacked ideal depth and, potentially the most troubling, 11% suffered from tyre damage.

While these should come as obvious facts, let’s delve into why exactly you cannot put off your tyre care.

If you fail to maintain your tyres, you should expect to see a decline in your vehicle 's stopping distance, ride and handling, fuel economy and several other core performance components.

Even if a tyre appears sufficient to…
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