MotorCycle Diaries Essay 3

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All discovery is in some way transformative. An individual’s discovery is transformative on their perceptions of the world. This is the case for the book ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’ by Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara and Keats’s sonnet “On first looking into Chapman’s Homer”. In this book, we are taken on Che’s journey as he travels Latin America as a young man, before the fame. His diary entries lead the reader into his own eyes, as a typical young man on an adventure, not the revolutionary figure we all associate him with. Through his descriptive entries of the landscape he journeys across, we discover his deeper connection to the land of South America and the love he has for its people. As well as the beautiful things that South America has to…show more content…
Over the course of ches journey, he discovers a deeper connection to South America. This is a form of spiritual awakening as he explores deeper into the heart of the continent, his paints a picture of the landscape with his words like “The full moon is silhouetted against the sea, smothering the waves with silver reflection”. The descriptive image che relays through his journal is spiritual in a sense as it conveys his connection and love for the land. Che also develops a spiritual connection as he discovers the historical significance of the ancient structures that exist throughout Peru. Che describes Machu Picchu being “The most important and irrefutable thing, however, is that here we found the pure expression of the most powerful indigenous race in the Americas… The spectacular landscape circling the fortress supplies an essential backdrop, inspiring dreamers to wander its ruins”. This highlights ches greater discovery of the significance that these magnificent buildings have to the people of South America. The exploration of these cultural buildings leads Che to a greater understanding of the historical significance in which they represent a lost civilization. His greater understanding of South America transforms his appreciation of the land into a spiritual connection. Che’s journey through South America opened his eyes to the poverty and inequality that
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