Motorbus Company - QUE SERA SERA

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MOTORBUS Company: Que Sera Sera

I. Point of View

This study should be observed in the perspective of Engr. Hermogenes Ancheta. His situation is very critical since all of the burdens of the Maintenance Department are lying on his shoulders. Therefore, the researcher should specifically view themselves as Engr. Hermogenes Ancheta in considering some solutions and recommendation and finally offer the proper, distinct and probable plan of action.

II. Time Context
Since the company will be fielding an additional 50 new buses in a month, Engr. Hermogenes Ancheta should settle all misfits and do the recommended plan of action within 30 days. That timeframe will give Engr. Hermogenes Ancheta the perfect decision that he can get to
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Since then, every maintenance was so busy that they threatened to quit their jobs unless additional mechanics and assistants were recruited. By the end of 1993, each unit has a personnel complement of 5 mechanics and 5 assistants. But with current developments, the old method of purchasing was not improved. Purchase request started to embroiled, the file endorsed become discreet. Mechanic and drivers began complaining to the VP for Operations about the delays in the delivery of needed parts. The VP (Vice-President) for Operations immediately sent a note to Engineer Inductivo ordering that the problem should be resolved immediately. Engineer Inductivo was hard pressed and he could not offer an immediate solution. The next day, Engineer Inductivo informed the VP for Operations that he is requesting for the approval of his application for retirement as he is already 62 years old. The VP forwarded the request to the President with an endorsement justifying the request. On the same day, the request for retirement was approved. The next day, Engineer Ancheta received his appointment papers promoting him to Manager. During his first appointment as a Manager the first thing Engineer Ancheta did was to inspect the storage room for parts. He found out that the room was full of uneven supply of parts. Some parts were of excessive quantities, while some important ones were inadequately stocked. A corner of the room contains a big volume of obsolete
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