Motorcycle Diaries Theme

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The Motorcycle Diaries was a movie with many differences, not only were the characters in the movie different but there were many different types of cultures and people that we saw during the movie. For example, the movie first started with a radio playing; from there you can tell the movie was going to be historical. Before they left to their journey Ernesto parents are really worried about him and tell Alberto to make sure he takes care of him. Ernesto and Alberto definitely become closer as they travel they learn about themselves and get to comfort themselves by taking care of each other and building a real friendship. Ernesto and Alberto build a big friendship as the movie goes on they learn many things about each other, they even end up taking care of each other many times. Ernesto had asthma which made Alberto help him. This signifies how Ernesto helps other people and how for once he’s the one who needs help so it changes his whole point of view. Ernesto and Alberto encountered many different type of cultures and people.…show more content…
He ends up spending the money for a good cause but it still meant a lot for him he went through struggles to overcome all his obstacles and be able to finish his way around the world. Also, the significance of the motorcycle was basically their hope around their tour it wasn’t only their transportation but it also made them closer together. Even though the motorcycle had many problems and end up getting them in trouble it still lasted longer than expected. It was a very valuable motorcycle to Alberto. The biggest impact that Ernesto encounter in his tour was seeing the dying women in Peru, The significance is that seeing how hurt the dying lady was that it changed his whole life around. He realizes all he wants to do is finish school and be able to help those who need
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