Motorcycle Industry : Harley Davidson

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Motorcycle industry
Harley Davidson Motor Company is a company that is well known due many unique attributes and its history. The Harley Davidson motorcycle has been in production since 1903 and although technology has evolved with improved metals, electronic components, and improved rider ergonomics, the motorcycle has a few unique visual features that have not changed, the V-Twin engine appearance with its 90 degree cylinder design, and its unique exhaust note.
Over the years the company have developed new models, each with a slightly different look to spark the interest of those individuals who are interested in a Harley, to potentially meet the desires of those who are passionate with the new designs developed. Some choose the Harley Davidson motorcycle as a hobby as the aftermarket parts are nearly endless, with one’s imagination the only limit.
As time and technology moved forward, the Harley Davidson motor company moved into a new realm of which they were previously not a part of, a water cooled, down sized, affordable motorcycle, the 2014 Street 750.
The Harley Davidson street 750 is an entry level motorcycle with MSRP starting at $7499 which is not only affordable, but a comparable price to the lower end import motorcycles.
A leading reporting company recently had the opportunity to test ride a final production model. According to one Cycle Worlds field editors, Blake Conner, he stated; “After spending a day riding the Harley-Davidson Street 750,
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