Motorcycle Jacket Advantages And Disadvantages

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Introduction -

If you have any prior experience with motorcycle protective gear, you are no doubt aware (painfully so) that it can be quite expensive. A full set of protective equipment can set you back up to, and in some cases beyond, $1000. Much of that outrageous price can be traced back to the motorcycle jacket, which is an essential component of any collection of motorcycle equipment.

Quality motorcycle jackets tend to go for a couple of hundred dollars and it is extremely rare to find one which sells for less than three figures. Because of this, the last thing you want to do is spend money on multiple jackets to keep yourself safe all year round. Of course, you can’t wear a jacket that is designed to be used in winter during the summer …show more content…

The Xtreemgear 4 Season Motorcycle Jacket features double stitching with nylon thread, so you can be certain the garment will last you for years on end without the slightest tear.

Inexpensive -

You should never purchase a motorcycle jacket just because it has a low price tag, but those hoping to find a quality jacket while keeping costs to a minimum should pay careful attention to the Xtreemgear 4 Season Textile Race Jacket. It is inexpensive without being cheap and offers a variety of useful features, many of which you would expect to find on a far more expensive model.


Single Color Design -

The most glaring flaw of the Xtreemgear 4 Season Motorcycle Jacket is, ironically, the fact that it is pretty hard to see. With its single color design, this jacket is far from ideal when it comes to riding late night. While it does feature a number of reflective stripes, those who purchase it should buy some hi-vis arm bands in order to ensure they will be seen while riding on dark roads.

2. BlingSoul Alex Mercer Jacket …show more content…

Adaptiv GlowRider -

The Adaptiv GlowRider is similar to the previous jacket in that it is slightly unorthodox in its design, but is extremely effective in keeping the elements at bay all year round.


Electro-Luminescent Technology -

The major selling point of the Adaptiv GlowRider is the Electro-Luminescent technology which makes it arguably the best 4 season motorcycle jacket for those who like to ride late at night. The garment is fitted with a number of bright EL panels that can be turned on with the push of a button, thereby illuminating the jacket and ensuring all motorists are aware of your presence regardless of the hour.

CE Approved Armor -

On occasion, a jacket will offer a couple of cool high tech features yet ignore common essentials found on other motorcycle jackets. That isn’t the case with the Adaptiv GlowRider. As well as its innovative EL panels, it boasts CE approved armor in both the elbows and the shoulders.



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