Motorcycle Rider Suicide

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I chose this video which is about a high speed pursuit involving the police and some motorcycles. The video clearly shows that the motorcycle riders were speeding excessively. It also clearly shows that the police officer was also speeding in his pursuit of them. This high speed chase actually led to the death of one of the motorcycle riders (please note, in no way, do I agree with the motorcycle riders and their disregard for the law).
I feel that this video shows two different things: one being that the riders in question were speeding and disobeying the law, and two, that the police officer was not following protocol involving high speed chases. This situation could have been handled differently and there would be a good chance that a death would not have taken place. Though, one could argue that it would only be a matter of time before one of these motorcycle riders did indeed die from their reckless behavior. Would they have actually changed their ways and learned their lesson if this chase did not happen and they only got cited or arrested? We can only guess the answer to that. Even with the officer not following protocol, I do not feel that the victim’s rights were infringed upon nor do I feel any laws were violated. The
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I do not feel that they infringe upon anyone’s rights. I believe there are a couple good reasons for my opinion regarding them. The webcam video could potentially be used as evidence if needed. It can show that the suspect was either doing something illegal/wrong or even not doing something illegal. It could also possibly show that the police officer wasn’t not following the law or his/her rules and regulations.
For instance, there has been plenty in the news about various police brutality claims being made and video showing it. If an instance of police brutality was shown in the video obtained by a police officer’s webcam then that could prove that the victim’s rights were
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