Motorcycle and Harley

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Executive Summary 2 Introduction 3 Company Profile 4 4Ps of Harley-Davidson Marketing Mix Strategies 5 Product 5 Promotion 7 Price 7 Place 8 Harley-Davidson’s Value and its Competitors 9 Market segmentation 10 Evaluation of the target market 11 Intervention 12 Harley-Davidson SWOT Analysis 12 The 4 Areas of improvement and values 13 Conclusion 15 References 16

Executive Summary

The researcher will discuss on Harley-Davidson (HD) and its marketing mix concepts and recommendation for improvement to market the USA brand in Malaysia. As the leader in manufacturing heavyweight motorcycles above 750cc capacity, HD has a role to play to promote the hobby of bikers worldwide and further
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The 4Ps marketing mix (Kotler, 2010) for Harley-Davidson to maintain their competitive marketing strategies are discussed below is part of the organizations planning process and consists of analyzing the defined:
* Major product of HD are in the Heavy weight division of 750 cc and above and weights about 220 kg * Harley used steel, to be rebuilt and rebore * The hallmark productions of the company is the acquire “eagle” mark in the early days * Colors are limited and grey and black seems to the standard color styles * Constant gathering of input from customers on suggestions and complaints to increase quality of product and product also are charismatic. * A number of brands have been introduced in its century of age, and each one was very integrated, well equipped and up to date with respect to technological advancements. * An excellent customer service is provided in case of any ambiguity, and customers are thoroughly guided for the upcoming brands. * Deals in branded motorbikes and other limited sector of open market. * Also deal in used bikes, usable parts being repaired and introduced in the market at lower price range * Spare part market has also got their name at the top of the list. * Twin Cam engine is its major innovatory product. * They also offer quality services for repairing. * Revolution engine is also introduced on their innovation lists.
Some of the
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