Motorized Collectives : An Enemy Of The Revolution

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The Organization of the so-called "motorized collectives" that operate in all the country together with the Government, have an inventory block-by-block of the citizens, classifying them as opponents or supporters of the Government, and as expected I was classified as an opponent and community leader. The reprisals against me by the “motorized collectives” went from insults to the facts during a demonstration of Saturday 14, March 2015, at the round point of "Guaparo", when once we end the protest I realized that they had burned the car in which I was moving and that I had left parked in the street very near the site of the protest (please see attached photos). As I walked near the place where the car was destroyed by the fire two motorcycles came close to me and the occupants using vulgar words insulted me saying that I should take care of myself because they already had considered me as an enemy of the Government and that I was going to pay dearly to be an enemy of the revolution. This was a very difficult situation to for me not only because of the economic loss but also because I felt very intimidated by the violent way of reacting these extremist followers of the "Bolivarian revolution". I received the support of many people and my situation served as example of how we the opponents are persecuted and intimidated because we dared to publicly declare ourselves against the “Motorized Collectives”. On Sunday 12, April of 2015, at 6 in the afternoon, when I came out from a

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