Motorol A True Pioneer

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Daniel Moore College Composition II Mrs. Price October 14th 2014 “Motorola was a true pioneer in personal communications. We introduced the world 's first commercial portable cellular phone. We even invented the groundbreaking Six Sigma quality improvement process, which became a worldwide standard for excellence”( Motorola is a proud and well known technologies manufacturer and has been in the cell phone industry from the start. In fact, Motorola manufactured the first commercial cell phone in 1984, produced mainstream and very popular cell phone designs,specifically the Razr line, and is about to release the nexus 6 which will be the first nexus phone to be manufactured by Motorola. Even though Motorola is owned by Lenovo they still retain their creative and innovative qualities. The DynaTAC was the first cell phone commercially manufactured and was done so by Motorola. the DynaTAC. The DynaTAC weighed 28 ounces and was 10 inches high. Because of this it was nicknamed “the brick” as the phone had the similar size and weight of a standard clay brick.The price that the DynoTAC sold for was a hefty $3,995 as it was brand new technology and was the only one out at the time. the technology was still far from sound as the phone only had 30mins of talk time and eight hours of standby time. Along with creating the first cellphone, Motorola demonstrated the first call over a GSM network. A GSM network stands for Global System for Mobile Communications, which is a

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