Motorola Inc. Bandit Pager Project

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Motorola Inc. Bandit Pager Project

Executive Summary
Motorola Bandit project demonstrated several important points. First that a full automated manufactured line is the best way to reach high quality standard and high flexibility; that with the right persons and a clear goal, challenging objective can be achieved and that you do not have to over plan the project.
In the following document will be analyzed the different aspects that brought Motorola to reach a huge success through the Bandit project and what will be the next step to be performed internally into the Company to spread the lesson learnt from this project throughout all the employee, getting the best return on investment could ha been reached.

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Another important factor for the success was the group Staffing. It was composed by 25 engineers from all different departments like robotics, industrial engineering, manufacturing mechanical, electrical, test system. Also an accountant was assigned into the group because this different type of manufactory needed to modify standard accounting measure. Another important team member was Hewlett Packard (HP), that was a real team member. In fact together with HP they had to develop a software back plan to link all the cell controllers.
The creation of a project like that was the clear prove a total different approach of managing a project. This team creation was a typical Heavy project management team in which a clear leader was identified and a dedicated project team was created. This was the right approach; in fact to foster a breakthrough innovation in a company the Heavy Project management approach is the most effective. I allow the project team to avoid the typical problems of a Functional and a Light weight project Management organization, granting a strong leadership a clear goal and minimizing the functional problems. This type of organization granted a real cross- functional integration that helped to reach the decided goals.
They had a sponsor of the project, who initially was the executive of the Communication Department and later on the

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