Motorola Mobility, Business Analysis 2

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Business Analysis two of Motorola Mobility Holding Inc. Creating a business environment that competes with the 21 century globalization has been among one of the main challenge of Motorola mobility. Motorola mobility faces an uphill battle against many competitors among which are counted: Apple, Blackberry, and Alcatel Lucent. What have been the Social, Legal, Economic, Political, and natural conditions that affect Motorola mobility’s Operational processes and procedures? Motorola Mobility have shown some positive return is the recent month, but because of the instability the Mobile electronic devices, people still wonder if: Motorola Mobility is a good and stable company that will grow our long-term wealth with a decent rate on the …show more content…
The company had no debt on its balance sheet in the quarter
Compare to its competitors Blackberry RIM who has reported for the same quarter a net Operation cash of 2.95 billion, an investing cash of negative 3.1 billion, and a Financing cash of negative 163 million. Research In Motion is down 63.56% over the last year
On the other hand Apple has reported who has reported for the same quarter a net Operation cash of 37.53 billion, an investing cash of negative 40.42 billion, and a Financing cash of negative 1.43 billion. Apple is up 30.37% over the last year return
The analyzed financial report of these data shows the big part of the market owned by apple.
What can be learned? Motorola mobility has been actively committed to reduce the environmental impact of their operations. Motorola mobility have set goals and established the necessary policies and processes to achieve them. Designing, manufacturing and distributing electronic communication products uses natural resources, creates emissions and waste and contributes to climate change, principally through carbon dioxide emissions from energy use.

According to Colvi, G. Motorola 's Uphill Battle in Fortune International, Sanjay Jha the new chief executive officer of Telecommunications Company of Motorola Mobility stated: "Our third quarter
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