Motorola Swot Essay

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Motorola Inc. Company overview: Motorola is a leading provider of wireless communication devices, Enterprise mobility solutions and end-to-end broadband systems for homes. The Fortune 100 Company is based in Schaumburg, Illinois. Apart from being known for their innovation and R&D facilities their robust manufacturing capabilities have made a mark in the world’s tech arena. It has a strong global presence with centers in over 70 countries and is named as one of America’s Most Admired Companies by the fortune magazine. The major chunk of its business is the mobile services segment, raking in over 52% of its net sales. Although USA is its largest market about 65% of the segment’s sales are outside the US. Its endless list of…show more content…
if you need to buy a Motorola it’s easy to get one. The have chosen Soccer star David Beckham as their global brand ambassador, hoping to woo the young guns the world over. Six Sigma Motorola is a follower of the famous six sigma methodology, in fact they developed it! Need we say more! Weakness: Losing sales Motorola sales have been in a constant decline over the last one year; they have lost market share from 22% to 12.1% now which is almost half from the previous year! Other manufacturers are flooding the market with their equipment and Motorola’s rising inconspicuity could go against it. Design: Handsets lack style and sleekness of their competitors In a fashion conscious market today Motorola still hasn’t been able to come up with another wonder like its MotoRazr. They have a limited range compared to its competitor Nokia which has been coming up with hundreds of futuristic models of different shapes and sizes. Samsung is known for its extremely thin slider phones. Although Motorola has advanced models, most of them look similar and lack the user centered design, its user interface is not as appealing as its competitors. They seem to have a more conventional approach in their designs. Excessive reliance on their Moto Razr The phone has been one of the most successful models ever, and did roaring business couple of years ago, but its heydays are over and Motorola cannot bank on it anymore. The people want something new, by that I mean
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