Motrada Ltd - Executive Summary

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Global Entrepreneurs

Written Report (Case Study)

Motrada LTD.

Julien Grenier, Gabriel Grenier and Samuel Daoust

Northwood University

September 26st, 2011

Motrada Handels GmbH
Lagergasse 1
1030 Wien
Telephone: +43 7 200 10313-00
Fax: +43 7 200 10 313-99

Guillaume Hébrard: Founder and CEO

Motrada Handels GmbH is a software/internet services company that develops sells and provide a business-to-business re-marketing service with an online internet application. This application, allow us to sale used product easily. We are able to generate platforms that fit the customer needs. At the moment, Motrada is focusing on platforms for the used car market in Europe. The purpose of
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This is including leasing company, wholesalers and dealers which will be the users and customers of our product.

We chose to get into this market because the used car market in Austria is unprofitable, inefficient and it leaded to a black market that was growing because of that. So this idea will be able to increase the profits of the dealers because the description of the car like what are the damages and what happened with the car will build trust and it will reduce the non-payment issues and expand the number of buyers that will see your car. Also because the present used car market is unprofitable, the dealers are looking for more efficient distribution channel for used cars. Overall it will improve the B2B transaction that would not have occurred without this idea.

• Unprofitable

• Inefficient

• No trust between businesses

There are many reasons to choose B2B rather than B2C for our target market. First, the B2B is a more professional way of doing business. It is easier to manage when the professional business sellers and buyers are registered. Most of registered customers have been working in the industry for years, so they know the general situation about the industry and how it is working. Second, for the number of cars that B2B provides there is less people to deal with and so it is more easier to manage. Also, they are providing a lot more cars than a single customer would have provided.

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