Mouhave Desert Research Paper

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The Extreme Summer in the Mohave Desert
The Mohave Desert spreads across Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and some parts of the State of California; and its climate reflects extremes of hot and cold. At winter temperatures are cold, as low as 8 degree Fahrenheit, while the summer reaches about 120 degree Fahrenheit, winds are present year round and blow at about 25 MPH regularly and there are gusts of 75MPH. There is no time were the extreme weather is sustainable.
I was wrong and learned the lesson the hard way, mostly when extreme things happen to someone, the first thing that comes to mind is taking an extreme measure; I was one of those people who took extreme measures. My decision to move to Nevada was made in two weeks’ time when -16 Fahrenheit cold weather
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The scientific, medical explanation about hyperthermia is that thermal regulation centers around the brain help to maintain the internal body temperature by adjusting the amount of salts in perspiration. Electrolytes help the cells in body tissues maintain water balance. In hot weather, a healthy body will lose enough water to cool the body while creating the lowest level of electrolyte imbalance. If the body loses too much salt and fluid, symptoms of dehydration will occur. The healthy human body keeps a steady temperature of 37 degree Celsius, in hot weather, the body perspires. As perspiration evaporates from the skin, the body is cooled, then the thermal regulating system in the brain helps the body adapt to high temperature.
The extreme heat waves of the Mohave dessert are not responsible for damaging the magnificent gadget of the human body, but our day to day decisions on how and where we want to live has a great impact in our healthy lifestyle. I believe the weather is one of the most important factors when we choose a place to live; extremes in any regards are not healthy, this applies to the weather
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