Mount Auburn Hospital PEO System: Error Reduction

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MOUNT AUBURN HOSPITAL POE SYSTEM Patient Entry Order system aims at reduction of errors caused in the absence of computerized patient information and prescription entry system. At Mount Auburn Hospital, a system for computerized patient information already existed in the form of Meditech but it was believed that with integration of POE with Meditech, it was become easier for physicians and other hospital staff to reduce errors caused by variety of manually conducted administrative work. The three main solutions presented in the study for reduction of errors include CPOE, Presence of interventionists, and EHR. The three solutions we have chosen for reduction of errors are as follows. These solutions target the possible underlying reasons for errors which are not mentioned in the case study but which often are the most important reasons for ADEs. (Gianutsos, 2008) Supervising staff: It is sad that in the NICU there is hardly any supervising staff present to look over the work done by doctors and therapists. While the nursing staff is being monitored by a head nurse, there is no such system in practice for doctors and therapists who should also be carefully supervised because while they come with degrees and all, they are often found engaged in activities that should best be left for leisure hours. In my personal experience at NICU, I saw one doctor playing games at the computer and another one spending two hours with a dietician while one parent was desperately waiting

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