Mount Gliesmpus : The Manliest Man On Mount Olympus

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The Manliest Man on Mount Olympus Getting thrown off a cliff by your mother, working under an active volcano, and catching your wife cheating on you with your brother: sounds like the perfect life right? Right? No? Well, however you see it, this was the life led by the Hephaestus. Hephaestus was the Greek God of fire, craftsmanship, and blacksmiths. He is often represented by a hammer, anvil, or sometimes even a quail (Greek Gods and Goddesses). Hephaestus was a complicated man who displayed acts of revenge stemming from his childhood and marriage, but he also had moments of kindness. There’s no sugarcoating it, Hephaestus had a rough childhood. Like many stories in ancient mythology, the story of his childhood has a couple different versions. Sadly, however it’s told, he gets thrown off Mount Olympus. One story is that Hephaestus was born to both Zeus and Hera. His parents often fought, and once he was bold enough to try to break apart the fighting. He sided with his mother, Hera. This made Zeus so angry that he threw his son off of Mount Olympus, where he hurled through the air for an entire day before landing in the sea. It’s then said that he was raised there and came back many years later and was forgiven (D’aulaire 28). It seems strange that he was the one that had to offer the apology. If a child got thrown off a mountain as a kid they’d probably be dead. If they had managed to stay alive more than likely they wouldn’t have to apologize to the parents. Regardless it wouldn’t be a fun or pleasant childhood. It follows the same basic story, but there is another very similar myth of Hephaestus’ childhood. There are only a few big differences in these two stories. The first difference being his progenitors. The other big difference is Hephaestus’s mighty return to Mount Olympus. Like previously stated, his ancestry was a little different. In this version, he was born to only Hera. She was envious that Zeus was having so many other children with so many side-chicks. She wanted to get back at him. However, Hera would never cheat on her husband. How does a woman (goddess or not) have a baby without a partner? Well, she just tries really hard. This baby was Hephaestus. Sadly, her baby turned out crippled and

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